Have you ever been confronted with tough management challenges requiring quick decision-making and being uncertain on how to proceed? Do you like to review your thoughts before discussing them with your management team? Are you unsure about how to proceed, which option to choose, whom to trust? Do you have an innovative idea that you want to examine before “going public” with it?

Wouldn’t it make your life easier if you could rely on a sound second opinion from an independent subject-matter expert whenever and wherever you need it? That is exactly what our Second Opinion on Call program is offering selected senior executives. And all for a single flat fee investment, making your life easier and enhancing your value creation capabilities through supporting your informed decision making under uncertainty


We offer selected senior executives, under our Second Opinion On Call program, unlimited access to our experience and expertise with the goal to provide them a second opinion on questions related to their business role as well as regarding opportunities they have engaged with or want to consider. Each senior executive in the program will have access to all our knowledge through their dedicated trusted innovate.d partner of choice

Whenever program participants have a question or an open issue they want to discuss or would like to have feedback on, they can contact their innovate.d partner of choice to obtain our professional opinion. Their requests will be handled with the highest priority. Participants in the program don’t have to worry about the timing or the frequency of their access – no clock is ticking. The value of our Second Opinion on Call program rests in the personal, trusting, and unrestricted access to our experience and expertise, rather than frequency of contacts or on-site visits

The Second Opinion of Call program is provided over a fixed period of time, usually one year, under a single all-inclusive professional fee agreement providing optimal efficiency, transparency, and allowing participants to optimize their return on investment

To maximize the value we can provide, we offer our Second Opinion on Call program only to selected senior executives which we believe can profit most from our knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if you qualify for our Second Opinion on Call program


The Second Opinion On Call program offers numerous advantages to participants

  • It provides unlimited access for a fixed professional fee to our expertise and experience in a non-bureaucratic way whenever and wherever our opinion is desired
  • We support participants in taking informed decisions by advising them based on our independent, objective, and valued expertise and experience, reducing the inherent risk in any decision making under uncertainty
  • Our program helps participants save time through giving them fast and easy access to hard to obtain subject-matter expertise
  • Through the ongoing nature of the program’s relationship based on personal contact, trust, and confidentiality, our advice will be targeted to the participant’s environment and the context of their firm, especially with respect to its mission, vision, and strategy

Why not get in touch for a first non-committal discussion to find out if our Second Opinion on Call program is right for you?