Although most of our clients value our confidentiality, some of them allowed us to showcase in an anonymized way what we helped them achieve. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more and discuss how we may be of value to you


We helped our client gain a better understanding on how typical pension funds address strategic asset allocation by conducting an international best-practice study. We advised them about developing actionable alternatives on how to better support the investment commission, responsible for the strategic asset allocation decisions of the pension fund. We supported the pension fund investment team in designing and implementing an investment process tailored to their beliefs, capabilities, and resources. We successfully led the development of an IT prototype implementing selected approach. The pension fund subsequently won an award for best pension fund in its country
We reviewed the maturity of the risk management capabilities of our client related to managing fixed income portfolios. By successfully applying our proprietary risk management maturity model, we identified key weaknesses in their risk modeling approach as well as in risk reporting capabilities and recommended specific actions


To expand its customer base, our client was looking for a novel way to define targeted customers and design solutions tailored to their specific needs. Through partnering with senior management, we re-designed their customer segmentation and associated offerings using the Design Thinking method, focusing on customer jobs-to-be-done and creating value both for the customer and the firm. The engagement resulted in a unique solution providing a holistic service to wealthy individuals around supporting them with all their financial needs

Our client’s members, active in premium move management, where losing competitiveness because of the commoditization seen in the industry. We supported the network partners developing a novel business model that underscores their unique capabilities and satisfies a specific need, derived from the advent of e-commerce, in a novel way. The engagement led to the creation of a new company offering high-value logistic solutions to business customers

Sometimes success can be achieved through gaining an improved understanding of the working environment. We supported our client by moderating a workshop with their senior management on reviewing their business strategy and operating model aiming at improving service excellence. Diverse ideas were designed resulting in initiatives considered for subsequent implementation


Our client had just completed a merger of two firms offering complementary financial services to their customers. We supported the board of directors and senior management of the merged firm in reviewing their corporate strategy and business model, with special focus on client ownership. Outcome resulted in an improved understanding of the merged firm’s strategic goals, especially with respect to customer servicing models and offerings portfolio, reducing conflicts of interests and avoiding duplications

The organizations structure of our client’s business came of age. It was no longer optimally aligned with customer servicing expectations. We supported the directors and senior management in reviewing and adjusting their business model. Using the business model canvas, we jointly developed and validated diverse options. The client finally retained a customer centric servicing model, that he subsequently implemented incrementally

Our client approached us requesting advise on selecting a new pension fund management software system. Early discussions showed that the client was unclear about its strategy. We supported our client in defining their business model to prepare for strategic technological decisions. Although the client thought its business model should be focused on serving beneficiaries, our joint analysis identified the ability to implement on superior pension plans efficiently as strategic focus. Based on the outcome of the analysis, our client decided to select a pension fund management software system that supports flexibility in implementing plan changes over serving beneficiaries


We advised our client with respect to developing an IT strategy serving multiple business lines around wealth management focusing on answering the “make-or-buy” question and gaining efficiency with minimal up-front investments, based on their underlying business strategy and criticality of IT to its success

Our client wanted to increase the performance consistency of its discretionary investment offerings. We led an engagement enhancing its multi-asset class investment process by designing, implementing, and introducing an innovative risk budgeting based approach. The implemented changes resulted in improved and more consistent investment performance as well as enhanced customer satisfaction

Our client was looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs while managing highly customized multi-asset class client portfolios. We led an engagement re-defining its multi-asset class investment procesw by introducing and implementing an innovative risk budgeting portfolio construction framework. We accompanied the engagement end to end, providing business analysis, model development, software implementation, and roll-out services. Results led to more efficient implementation of portfolio changes without sacrificing customization


If we tell you that we have achieved outstanding results, then that is publicity. If our clients tell you the same thing, then such statements are a sign of their conviction and appreciation

The process of strategy development [supported by Claude Diderich] was interesting. Although the changes to our existing model seemed subtle, the impact is considerable. I believe that the business model we came up with makes a lot more sense now
PAUL BERNARDT, UniGroup Relocation Network (now Harmony Relocation Network)
The early conversation among the group [strategic advisory committee] seemed to show that each company wanted different things from the organisation and arriving at a sensible sized list of goals was not going to be possible. Debate and questioning enabled a core list of common goals to be identified around which a strategy could be developed. Claude persisted with simple questioning, leading us to the sensible solutions
PAUL HAYNES, Cadogan Tate

This [business unit strategy development] exercise enabled the organization’s leaders to take a look at the business with fresh eyes. It enabled us to challenge and re-examine what has been considered best practice and to re-define this, whilst ensuring we are all aligned regarding where our focus should lie

MANPREET DHAMI-MAGNE, packimpex (now at BGRS)

Dr. Claude Diderich developed a risk budget engine to optimally translate our market views (TAA) into a concrete client portfolio considering all client restrictions. This engine consistently and transparently aligns the client’s portfolio allocation to our tactical view, thus minimizing the loss of alpha-relevant information during the implementation process. Furthermore, the integration of the risk budget engine allowed us to streamline our portfolio management process, thus minimizing implementation costs

MASSIMO FERRARI, Zürcher Kantonalbank (now at Assetmax AG)