“Prototyping, brainstorming, and observations. These are the fundamentals of the reading, writing, and arithmetics of innovation”




Many firms struggle to remain successful in an ever faster changing world. They have a hard time reinventing their offerings portfolio, let alone align their business model with new customer needs and emerging competencies. Being innovative is crucial for the continuing success of every firm. The most successful firms have innovation build into the core of their DNA

But what exactly is innovation?

  • Innovation is about formulating novel ideas and/or combining existing ideas in a novel way and transforming those ideas into marketable products and services
  • Innovation is also about leadership towards change, shaping ideas into desirable, feasible, and viable new offerings and disruptive business models



We believe innovation requires putting customers and their jobs-to-be-done center-stage …

… leading to designing innovative solutions that are valued by customers


We position creativity, combined with analytical rigor, at the heart of any innovation venture …

… transforming great ideas into marketable products and services that shape the future


We make innovation happen by engaging with a design team covering diverse skillsets …

… collaborating on a partnership basis to achieve sustainable results


We methodically innovate through observing, learning, prototyping, and testing …

… resulting in implementable solutions that work in the real world


We at innovate.d believe that to be successful, firms must master the art and science of innovation. Success through innovation requires addressing a multi-dimensional challenge, from creating an environment for change, supporting a culture allowing failure, fostering ideation and experimentation, to mastering a diverse set of tools, frameworks, and methods

Innovation is about ideas which solve problems, support jobs-to-be-done, satisfy unmet needs, alleviate pains, or generate gains. Fostering innovation requires an environment built around seven key traits embedded in the organization, starting with strategically embracing innovation and leadership supporting change, following up with culture, people, recognition, processes, frameworks, and communication. Successful innovation requires readiness along all these dimensions



Since 2011 we have been advising and helping our clients on their pathway to making innovation actionable

  • Introducing a leadership culture that supports collaborative ideation, iterative problem solving, and allows for learning through failure
  • Designing and implementing an innovation ecosystem fostering creativity tailored to a specific culture
  • Understanding the value of developing and deploying a dual-transformation, also called organizational ambidexterity, CoreCo/NewCo set-up based on forgetting, borrowing, and learning, to experiment with disruptive business model ideas
  • Facilitating think tanks to identify trends and tendencies relevant to future success
  • Putting framework-based moderation expertise at work to support effective ideation and creative problem solving
  • Identifying and validating profitable customer segments, resulting in improved margins
  • Generating valuable, new ideas for engaging with customers focusing on identifying recognized as well as hidden needs, pain points, and sought-after gains
  • Exploiting growth opportunities by designing and validating competitive value propositions based on existing and potential capabilities
  • Managing innovation processes end-to-end allowing clients to focus what matters most to them
  • Introducing design thinking as the method for solving wicked business challenges that cannot be solved using traditional analytical approaches
  • Designing and implementing streamlined innovation processes supporting them to stay at the forefront of future customer expectations
  • Training employees in diverse creativity and innovation methods and frameworks, like running successful brainstorming session, gaining a common understanding using the business model canvas, or identifying the root causes or problems using anti-conventional thinking

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Although most of our clients value our confidentiality, some of them allowed us to showcase in an anonymized way what we helped them achieve

To expand its customer base, our client was looking for a novel way to define targeted customers and design solutions tailored to their specific needs. Through partnering with senior management, we re-designed their customer segmentation and associated offerings using the Design Thinking method, focusing on customer jobs-to-be-done and creating value both for the customer and the firm. The engagement resulted in a unique solution providing a holistic service to wealthy individuals around supporting them with all their financial needs

Our client’s members, active in premium move management, where losing competitiveness because of the commoditization seen in the industry. We supported the network partners developing a novel business model that underscores their unique capabilities and satisfies a specific need, derived from the advent of e-commerce, in a novel way. The engagement led to the creation of a new company offering high-value logistic solutions to business customers

Sometimes success can be achieved through gaining an improved understanding of the working environment. We supported our client by moderating a workshop with their senior management on reviewing their business strategy and operating model aiming at improving service excellence. Diverse ideas were designed resulting in initiatives considered for subsequent implementation