We at innovate.d are passionate about providing our clients expert advice on business model innovation, strategy design, and digital transformation. We are committed to making innovation actionable — helping our clients shape their future in the digital age

We believe that creativity, combined with analytical rigor, is at the heart of successful problem solving. By relying on design thinking as our innovation ecosystem of choice, we help our clients develop creative human-centered solutions that are desirable, feasible, and viable

We deliver value to our clients though customizing our offerings to their unique needs. By collaborating with our clients in a partnership way, we ensure lasting benefits. We believe in value-based fees, focusing on results, rather than efforts

We at innovate.d aim at being our clients’ premium partner when it comes to innovating, designing strategies, and exploiting digital transformation

Dr Claude Diderich

Managing Director
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Design Thinking for Strategy: Innovating towards Competitive Advantage

by Dr Claude Diderich | to appear 2019 | Springer | Heidelberg, Germany

The business environment is changing more rapidly than it has ever before. New business ideas emerge. Design Thinking for Strategy introduces readers to applying insights from design thinking towards crafting novel strategies that satisfy real customer needs, exploit available capabilities, integrate requirements towards financial success, and provide a competitive advantage

Design Thinking for Strategy guides the reader through the jungle encountered when developing a strategy for sustained growth and profitability. It addresses strategy design in a holistic way by applying abductive reasoning, iteratively observing customers, focusing on empathy, prototyping ideas, and validating them with real customers

Design Thinking for Strategy: Innovating towards Competitive Advantage




You want to attract new clients? You want to sell more products and services to your existing clients? You want to increase your revenues, and more important, your profit margins? Our Winning Through Differentiation solution helps you align your value proposition with the needs of your targeted clients. We help you find a not so simple answer to the simple question why should any client do business with you rather than your competitor




Most firms excel at exploiting the present but feel challenged when confronted with exploring the future, let alone shaping it

We advise our clients on fostering an innovation culture, dealing with organizational ambidexterity, and we support them to unleash their creativity to design innovative offerings, and to re-imagine the future of their business model



Numerous firms have learned the hard way that strategies, like yogurts, do expire

We help our clients design viable strategies that focus on satisfying real customer needs and leveraging distinct capabilities resulting in sustainable profits. We apply our unique design thinking based strategy development process focusing on “doing in a collaborative way”, rather than “planning in a corner office”



Digital transformation is more than just using technology to automate business processes or offering customers a compelling digital user experience

We help our clients understand advanced technologies and their impact on corporate culture, and align the use of those technologies with their business model. We offer our expertise to develop and implement value-creating digital transformation initiatives


If we tell you that we have achieved outstanding results, then that is publicity. If our clients tell you the same thing, then such statements are a sign of their conviction and appreciation.

“The early conversation among the group [strategic advisory committee] seemed to show that each company wanted different things from the organisation and arriving at a sensible sized list of goals was not going to be possible. Debate and questioning enabled a core list of common goals to be identified around which a strategy could be developed. Claude persisted with simple questioning, leading us to the sensible solutions”

PAUL HAYNES, Cadogan Tate

“This [business unit strategy development] exercise enabled the organization’s leaders to take a look at the business with fresh eyes. It enabled us to challenge and re-examine what has been considered best practice and to re-define this, whilst ensuring we are all aligned regarding where our focus should lie”

MANPREET DHAMI-MAGNE, Director, Destination and Immigration Services, packimpex (now at BGRS)