“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar”

— DR GEORGE WESTERMAN, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy



It is impossible to imagine today’s world without digital technologies. But the best technology is worthless if it does not support value creation for the firm and its customers. This not only means that firms need to understand the technology they deploy, it also means that digital transformation must be embedded into the leadership culture of the firm. Many large firms, but also some start-ups, have learned these wisdoms the hard way. However, it does not have to be that way!



We offer our clients an in-depth understanding of how digital technologies work …

… allowing them to distinguish between underlying value and marketing gimmicks


We have long-standing experience in digital technology in theory and practice …

… ensuring that our clients can rely on both theoretically founded and practically sound advice


We understand that not every manager can or should be an expert in digital technologies …

… and therefore provide a language bridge between technology and business to our clients


We believe that digital transformation requires leadership with a metamorphosing vision …

… advising our clients on understanding its value and making everyone move in the same direction from the start


We at innovate.dbelieve that using disruptive technologies, whether it being blockchain, internet of things, machine learning, robots, or just implementing the next generation user experience, requires understanding their key characteristics. We help our clients distinguish between real value from digital technologies and technology marketing gimmicks, promising heaven on earth. We advise our clients on formulating a clear conception of their digital transformation process and associated IT architecture by requiring them to focus on how technologies add value throughout their business model

In addition to understanding how to exploit the value of technologies, digital transformation is about cultural change. We support our clients on their path to becoming successful digital transformation leaders, leaders that communicate a transformative vision where to go, excel at engaging their workforce, implement a governance structure that ensures everyone is moving in the same direction, and engage with the IT department early on

We advise our clients on numerous topics using digital technologies to support their strategy, business model, as well as operating model

  • Scouting for new digital technology trends that may be of value in the future
  • Understanding disruptive technology trends and how they can be leveraged to generate value to the firm
  • Prototyping applications of disruptive digital technologies to gain a common understanding of their features
  • Determining and implementing a custom-fit digital technology map, supporting the competitive advantage of the underlying business model and strategy
  • Developing a forward-looking IT architecture, separating business requirements from technology aspects through encapsulating complexity and remaining flexible enough for change
  • Designing a digital strategy aligned with the overarching competitive strategy, focusing on where to digitalize, which user experiences and business processes to automate, and where to transform the underlying business model, supporting steady growth and sustainable profit margins
  • Developing and implementing a digital transformation program focusing first and foremost on digital leadership
  • Selecting the right solution offered by the most qualified vendor to implement a specific digital solution
  • Handling the digital solution selection business process, from requirements formulation, aligning business and technology language, writing requests for proposal (RFP), through evaluating and choosing the most appropriate solution


Successfully implementing a digital transformation requires first and foremost focusing on the business model. Technology should be considered an enabler that makes the customer experience as well as business processes more user friendly, efficient, and effective, while at the same time improving quality and lowering risks

Digital Transformation

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Although most of our clients value our confidentiality, some of them allowed us to showcase in an anonymized way what we helped them achieve

We advised our client with respect to developing an IT strategy serving multiple business lines around wealth management focusing on answering the “make-or-buy” question and gaining efficiency with minimal up-front investments, based on their underlying business strategy and criticality of IT to its success
Our client wanted to increase the performance consistency of its discretionary investment offerings. We led an engagement enhancing its multi-asset class investment process by designing, implementing, and introducing an innovative risk budgeting based approach. The implemented changes resulted in improved and more consistent investment performance as well as enhanced customer satisfaction
Our client was looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs while managing highly customized multi-asset class client portfolios. We led an engagement re-defining its multi-asset class investment by introducing and implementing an innovative risk budgeting portfolio construction framework. We accompanied the engagement end to end, providing business analysis, model development, software implementation, and roll-out services. Results led to more efficient implementation of portfolio changes without sacrificing customization